With over 50 years experience Pfaff is your perfect partner for non-standard haulage operations.


Haulage Work

Whether it is simply a matter of machines or complex equipment in your company or entire industrial plants, we have solutions for removals, relocation and haulage from start to finish.

Printing machines, machine tools and X-ray inspection booths figure prominently among the goods that Pfaff transports.

This is where our diverse vehicle fleet comes in, ensuring that order handling is done from one source.

The success or otherwise of these type of operations often depends on just a few centimetres or kilograms. We have a lengthy track record in e.g. transporting printing machines. We are also in our element bringing automobile industry test rigs to where they are needed and assembling them. We do it - effectively.

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In particular, Pfaff transports printing machines, machine tools and X-ray inspection booths as well as many other machine types. Many steps are needed before you can manufacture goods with a machine, equipment or from an entire manufacturing site. They include planning, ordering, delivering, start-up, upkeep, maintenance and repairs as well as finally re-selling, dismantling and removal to the buyer’s or even to a different type of utilisation.

We can assist you in a large number of these steps.

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Storage and office rooms for rent!

We are currently searching for extern tenants at our company premises in the Liebigstraße in Hamburg.

Are you interested? We would love to talk with you! For more information please contact Mr. Ernst Pfaff via phone (+49 (0) 40 733404-0) or mail


Everything needs to function smoothly from manufacturing your product to hand-over at the customer’s – this is where we help out. In the company itself, the field store and directly at the purchaser’s. Makes no difference if you want to outsource individual steps or are looking for a full-service provider: You can bank on our experience.

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