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The company Ernst Pfaff GmbH introduces itself


Our vehicle fleet has been growing since 1961.


Approx. 130 employees.
Our growth continues.


Approx. 3.500 satisfied
customers since 1961.



Accredited training enterprise

For truck drivers and
logistics forwarding agents.


Who we are

Thanks to precision planning, a track record spanning many years and the right vehicles, we master each and every challenge – irrespective of how heavy or difficult the haulage work is. From a start with a second-hand VW transporter in 1961, today over 50 Pfaff vehicles from elevating trucks to the crane are on the go for you.

Do your products need storing or do your machines need to be fitted, dismantled or cleaned? No problem at all - we also reliably deal with these tasks.


Would you like to know how everything began? We have summarized the decades since the 1960s in our chronicle!

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Nothing is to heavy for us!

Nothing is to heavy for us!


With over 50 years experience Pfaff is your perfect partner for non-standard haulage operations.


Haulage work

Whether it is simply a matter of machines or complex equipment in your company or entire industrial plants, we have solutions for removals, relocation and haulage from start to finish.

Printing machines, machine tools and X-ray inspection booths figure prominently among the goods that Pfaff transports.

This is where our diverse vehicle fleet comes in, ensuring that order handling is done from one source.

The success or otherwise of these type of operations often depends on just a few centimetres or kilograms. We have a lengthy track record in e.g. transporting printing machines. We are also in our element bringing automobile industry test rigs to where they are needed and assembling them. We do it - effectively.

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In particular, Pfaff transports printing machines, machine tools and X-ray inspection booths as well as many other machine types. Many steps are needed before you can manufacture goods with a machine, equipment or from an entire manufacturing site. They include planning, ordering, delivering, start-up, upkeep, maintenance and repairs as well as finally re-selling, dismantling and removal to the buyer’s or even to a different type of utilisation.

We can assist you in a large number of these steps.

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Everything needs to function smoothly from manufacturing your product to hand-over at the customer’s – this is where we help out. In the company itself, the field store and directly at the purchaser’s. Makes no difference if you want to outsource individual steps or are looking for a full-service provider: You can bank on our experience.

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Ready for every task: Our vehicle fleet

Ready for every task: Our vehicle fleet

Vehicle fleet

Low loaders

39 vehicles
on the road every day.


Difficult-to-get-at spots?
No problem.


We are there for you,
quickly and even more so.

Elevating trucks

We help out in
no time at all.

Vehicle fleet

Elevating trucks

  • Low-level elevating trucks
  • Inclined elevating trucks
  • Inclined hoisting cradles
  • Mega-inclined hoisting cradles

Trucks/Townling vehicles

3-axle towing vehicles with 5 to and 9 to lifts

  • Payload up to 12000 kgs
  • Loading surface (L/B/H) 7.3m x 2.48m x 2.9m
  • additionally also with trailer (towing vehicle dimensions)

4-axle towing vehicles with 9t lift or 13t ramp

  • Payloads up to 17000 kgs
  • Loading surface (L/B/H) 7.3m x 2.48m x 3.0m
  • additionally also with trailer (towing vehicle dimensions)

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Open low loaders with ramp

  • Load-carrying capacity up to 30t
  • Payload from 20t to 36t
  • Loading surface height from 0.4 m to 0.9 m
  • Extendable loading surfaces
  • Some equipped with hydraulic winch
  • Ramp 3.0 m to 5.5 m in length (for ground-level and ramp delivery)

Tarpaulin low-loaders with 9t lift or ramp up to 30t

  • Payload from 20t to 30t
  • Loading surface height from 0.4 m to 1.0 m
  • Loading surface width 2.25 m up to 2.75 or extendable in width up to 3.0 m (widths up to 4.0 m possible under tarpaulin)
  • Loading surface length (centre drop) from 4.2 m up to 9.0 m
  • Some equipped with hydraulic winch t
  • 9t lift or ramp from 3.0 m to 6.2 m in length (for ground-level and ramp delivery)


  • Payload up to 27 to possible
  • Loading surface height 0.2 m
  • Öoading surface width up to 2.06 m
  • Loading surface length up to 9.8 m
  • Trailer is completely lowered onto the ground for loading the equipment with little ground clearance

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Assembly trestles

Kiss 3000 Assembly Trestle

  • Self-propelling assembly trestle for mounting machines
  • Load-carrying capacity up to 11000 kgs

Assembly trestle Lift system 2080/mobile craneway

  • Self-propelling assembly trestle on rails
  • Load-carrying capacity 70t
  • Beam lengths

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10 to electric crane

  • Direct hooks
  • White tyres
  • Cable winch with hook block

25 to electric crane

  • Direct hooks
  • Cable winch with hook block
  • Additional crane tip
  • Fork attachment device

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  • “Meisterbetrieb” (fully qualified company)
  • Brake test stand
  • Safety tests (Tachograph §57b and d, Emissions testing)
  • Accident prevent provisions - Tail-lift
  • Main vehicle inspection (inspector comes to our garage)
  • All types of repairs on trucks and cars (brakes, electrical system, tarpaulin frames, floors, glass damage, sheet-metal work etc.)
  • Accident damage (incl. reports, costs estimates etc.)
  • Repairing industrial trucks

Truck wash

  • Two wash systems
  • Washing up to a 3 m width and a 4.20 m height
  • Also non-standard washes of mobile cranes, construction machinery, campers, forklifts, tankers (exterior only)

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 7.00 to 18.00 hrs.
Saturday: 7.00 to 13.00 hrs.

Working at Pfaff

Working at Pfaff


Pfaff’s non-standard haulage business is constantly expanding – for which we also thank our staff. We look forward to receiving your job application if you’re interested in becoming a member of our team.


Truck driver

  • Required immediately
  • For local and long-distance haulage work
  • A BCE driver’s license required

Machinery transport specialist (m/f)

  • Required immediately on a full-time basis
  • Conscientious approach to working on one’s own
  • Flexible and reliable
  • A Class 2/BCE driver’ license would be ideal

Call us under 040 733404 23/24 or email info@no-spampfaff-hh.de.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?


Have we raised your interest? We look forward to a message or phone call from you!


Ernst Pfaff GmbH


Liebigstraße 32
D-22113 Hamburg

Bredowstraße 10
D-22113 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0) 40 7334040
Fax: +49 (0) 40 7326310
Email: info@no-spampfaff-hh.de


Einsteinstraße 15
D-27321 Morsum

Phone: +49 (0) 4204 685344
Fax: +49 (0) 4204 685266
E-Mail: info@no-spampfaff-hh.de

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The Pfaff Group

  • Ernst Pfaff GmbH, Hamburg
  • Ernst Pfaff GmbH, Bremen
  • Pfaff.Logistik, Hamburg
  • LKwash, Hamburg
  • Property Management,, Hamburg
  • 25,000 m2 of storage space


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Contact persons

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GarageMr. Reh

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MachineryCarsten Pfaff+49 (0) 40 733404-23
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Truck washMr. Reinhardt+49 (0) 40 7328957
Insurance/ITMr. Plette+49 (0) 40 733404-26